CAPSTONE14 - Steve Clarkson, IL-IMT Co-Chair, Mary Connelly, Director IMERT OPS, Dr. Moses Lee, IMERT Medical Director and Bob Elliott, IL-IMT Co-Chair
CAPSTONE14 - Check-in process included a Situational Awareness Briefing.
CAPSTONE14 - Derek Carle, SOFR (in background) and Rick Scott OSC
CAPSTONE14 - Bob Elliott , LOFR (left) and Joseph Gasparich from IFSI as an observer
CAPSTONE14 - Joe Jones as Asst SOFR
CAPSTONE14 - Steve Shults, PSC; Rick Scott, OSC; Joe Gasparich and Joe Jones, Asst. SOFR
CAPSTONE14 - lft-rt: Bob Elliott (LOFR), Steve Clarkson (IC) and Eric Hodges (LSC)
CAPSTONE14 - Initial check-in via the MABAS trailer
CAPSTONE14 - Team Picture from left: Eric Hodges, Steve Clarkson, Joe Jones, Derek Carle, Steve Shults, Rick Scott, Gary Hanebrink and Mike Moos
CAPSTONE14 - Derek Carle demonstrating why he is a Safety Officer.
CAPSTONE14 - Eric Hodges, Steve Shults and Bob Elliott
CAPSTONE14 - EMAT members Mike Wahl and Curtis Hawk setup and assisted us in the use of their trailer.
CAPSTONE14 - Gary Hanebrink, Eric Hodges, Mike Wahl, Derek Carle and Rick Scott
CAPSTONE14 - Rick Scott, Mike Wahl and Eric Hodges
CAPSTONE14 - IEMA Unified Command Post in the forground and the IMT trailer in the background.  Both the IEMA and EMAT apparatus were used during the exercise.

Nine IL-IMT team members converged in Springfield for two days in June where they contributed to a multi-state exercise and applied the processes outlined in our policy manual. All utilized the dispatch procedure through EM-COM. As planned, the event began at the state fairgrounds with Joint, Reception, Staging and Onward Integration (JRSOI). Once completed, we redeployed to the Illinois State Police Academy parking lot where we had our IMT trailer pre-positioned. An EMAT trailer and an IEMA Command Post were on scene and utilized as well.

2014 MEDL Training

Medical Unit Leader Class (MEDL) was held January 29‐31, 2014 at IFSI. Terrence O’Connor, MEDL MNICS Team “B” (Minnesota) a nationally carded Medical Unit Leader was the instructor.
The Medical Unit Leader Class was held January 29‐31, 2014 at IFSI. Terrence O’Connor, MEDL MNICS Team “B” (Minnesota) a nationally carded Medical Unit Leader was the instructor.
MEDL Class
MEDL Class
MEDL Class

The Medical Unit Leader Class was held January 29‐31, 2014 at IFSI. Terrence O’Connor, MEDL MNICS Team “B” (Minnesota) a nationally carded Medical Unit Leader was the instructor.

There were 17 in attendance from Illinois and seven other states: New Hampshire,
Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana and Washington.

2013 - Prairie North Exercise

Lindsey May working on the ICS202
Lindsey May and Keith Frank
Ed St. Louis, FASC
Bob Doty
Joe Jones and Joe Gasparich
Dennis Bingheim
Observers and Planners discussing work being done
Steve Clarkson, Randy Rhodes and Gary Hanebrink
Leo Beasley
left to right: Marty Dwyer, IEMA Exercise Coord; Bob Flemming, IEMA RC; Stan Krushas, IEMA RC and Joe Gasparich, IFSI.
Steve Clarkson, IC
Champaign Fire and Tom Richter observing operations,
Rick Scott and Jim Schwall working on Incident Objectives (ICS202)
Mike Moos and Keith Frank
The work area inside the hanger at Rantoul AFB
Rick Scott reviewing ICS forms posted on the trailer
Randy Rhodes SOFR reviewing the 215A
Keith Frank and Rick Scott
left to right: Joe Jones, Rick Scott, Ed St. Louis, Tim Jones, Leo Beasley and Jim Schwall.
IL-IMT providing next operational briefing

On April 11-13, 2013 the State of Illinois held a Full Scale Exercise at the old Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. The exercise was held over three days with over fifteen local and state agencies participating. This joint training exercise was designed to test civilian and military responses and coordination.

2013 October IMT Meeting

Co-Chair Steve Clarkson presenting to Tom Lovejoy a team recognition award for his leadership and service to the team.  Co-Chair Bob Elliott is to the right.
Award presented to Tom Lovejoy
Steve Clarkson presenting a IL-IMT Challenge Coin to Mary Connolly, Director OPS IMERT
Left to Right: Bob Elliott, Il-IMT; Trent Thompson, IEMA OPS; Dennis Beyer, OK-IMT, Troy German, OK-IMT; Jimmy Thompson, IEMA RC, Steve Clarkson, IL-IMT
Steve Clarkson presenting a IL-IMT Challenge Coin to IEMA OPS Trent Thompson
Group photo in front of one of the MABAS trailers

IL-IMT Meets on a minimum of a quarterly basis.  The first day is occupied by the IL-IMT Advisory Board meeting and the Team Leads meeting.  Day 2 concentrates on bring the team up-to-speed on current issues and an opportunity to train/exercise our skills.

2013 NIMO Training

In the foreground are Bob Doty, Tom Lovejoy and Gene Ryan discussing their objectives during a class exercise.
NIMO instructors assisting in the analysis of the problem.  Bob Doty, Tom Lovejoy, Gene Ryan and Tim Bragg.
NIMO instructors providing an evaluation of group discussions.
From left to right: Mark Bridges, Leo Beasley, Gary Hanebrink, Bill Farnum, Rich Utter, Steve Clarkson and Rick Scott.
Roger Huner and Rick Scott
Overall class picture
Steve Clarkson reporting out for team IL-IMT.
left to right: Steve Clarkson, Leo Beasley, Gary Hanebrink, Bob Elliott and Richard Utter

National Incident Management Organization (NIMO)
The National Incident Management Organization is composed of four Incident Management Teams. Each team consists of seven members, who are assigned full-time to Command & General Staff positions.

2013 IFSI Explorer-Cadet Fire School

Attendees from across the State and Nation listening to opening briefing.
IL-IMT PIOs worked closely with the local media to ensure safe and close coverage of activities performed by the students.
Leon Duncan served as Safety Officer and is here monitoring the developing weather conditions.
Rick Scott assisting as part of team IL-IMT at the school.
IFSI Director Royal Mortenson being interviewed and State Fire Marshal Larry T. Makaitas
State Fire Marshal Larry T. Matkaitis and IFSI Director Royal Mortenson being interviewed by the media.
IFSI Director Royal Mortenson being interviewed at the 2013 IFSI Explorer-Cadet Fire School.
Student being interviewed by the local press.

The Illinois Fire Service Institute holds yearly live fire training events to educate youth on the various aspects of firefighting.

Youths ranging in age from 15 to 21 will participate in hose and ladder work, ventilation and breathing apparatus training, firefighter rescue and auto extrication. The IFSI draws potential firefighters from all over the country; Explorer-Cadets will travel from as far as California and Massachusetts to participate.

2012 - Hurricane Sandy Deployment

Weather conditions on the way
Bob Elliott and Alan Gower
Trailer with water supplies
Bob Elliott reviewing the area of Nasau County
Team meeting of Mark Bridges, Alan Gower, Bob Elliott, Joe Jones and Bill Farnum
Nasua County EOC
Bill Farnum
Tom Lovejoy
Eric Hodges with the mobile network next to him.
Joe Jones working with local Nasau County rep.
Alan Gower working with local govt rep
Bill Farnum and Mark Bridges
left to right: Ralph Webster, Bob Elliott, Tom Lovejoy, Eric Hodges, Bill Farnum, Joe Jones, Alan Gower and Mark Bridges
Initial briefing area before being assigned
Area Map
Ralph Webster
Screen shot of Skype conference call with deployed team members and the rest of the team at home.