IMT Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Illinois Incident Management Team (IL-IMT) completed its eleventh year of existence in 2016. During this past year we continued to expand our professionalism through deployments, networking, recruiting, team development, training, and drills/exercising. Networking with our fellow first responders in the state, as well as our counterparts nationwide, has permitted the team to further develop capabilities.

Key to our ability to respond is the need to remain qualified as a Mobile Support Team (MST). The IL-IMT continues to enjoy a close working relationship with the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT). During 2016 the IL-IMT Advisory Board continued its oversight of the team and enjoys the relationships fostered with advisory board member organizations.

Events continue to impact our state, reinforcing the necessity to have comprehensive statewide all-hazard response capabilities that Mobile Support Teams such as IL-IMT offers. This ensures the state can rapidly provide needed resources to those affected. As a firmly established organization with extensive incident response experience and consistent favorable feedback from jurisdictions assisted and both peer state and national teams, we are proud of our performance. We realize the impact we can have on substantially reducing the hardship local responders and residents experience as well as ensuring the future is brighter for them.

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